Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bats or beaver?

Joulu is over and I am overeaten, feeling bloated and plain fat. Not a nice feeling. (although all that chocolate was yummy...)

We have over 60cm of snow - which is a lot. It is still so dark that even during the daytime you need to keep the lights on inside to be able to see something. Taking photos is almost a mission impossible.

I knitted a couple of xmas presents but unfortunately I don't have any photos of them finished. I whipped up a super fast Cabled Keyhole scarf (it really took less than 4 hours to make from cast on to cast off) and I knitted a pair of socks for my brother - here's how it looked like when still on needles.
Just before xmas I received my yarn from Posh Yarn - like so:
Lace weight & fingering weight yarns in turquoise, blood red and dark, glistening brownish grey.
The leftmost colourway is called Bats in the Belfray (love the names they give to their yarns chez PoshYarns) - but for some reason I kept thinking it looked like a slicked, wet fur of beaver or something. (and yes - the actual beaver the animal)
So shiny due to its 50% Tencel content (the other 50% is Merino - of course!) Love that colour! The slight minus side is that I find the yarn a tad hard - there's some likeness to nylon ropes... and that is not entirely a good thing.
I'm in progress of knitting the Hoarfrost neck warmer out of it - and of course could not find a 3.25mm circular needle - so I'm using the 2.5mm instead. (which makes quite a big difference in the actual gauge vs the gauge in the pattern) So I'm also knitting the size Large - and wishing to get something near to size small out of it. (this is so typical of me... did I take time to check the gauge? Nope... it's gonna work anyways - I think. As long as it is not too loose I'm happy - and it looks good so far. )
(btw . I adore my Wildcraft stitchmarkers. Pure joy to see them in the midst of that dark barklike grey... )

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Anonymous said...

I could completely agree about the yarn needing more of a 'Beaver-ish' name rather than a bat one. The names they give their yarn ARE cute though.

It looks like you knew what you were doing when you picked your colours out though. They're gorgeous!