Tuesday, 14 December 2010

yet another hat

...for me this time.
Pattern: none/mine (using cast on technique from Hip Knit Hats)
Yarns: Rowan Polar (stone) & Colinette Prism in Nutmeg
Needles: 6mm & 7mm dpns

I have to say I really, really like this one. The fit is great and it is very warm (which is needed this winter - once again we have -14 celsius when writing this. and over half a meter of snow. which is loads considering it is only December) . And the colour combo works for me. Love it!


Anonymous said...

How many stitches did you cast on for this hat ??!!!

I absolutely adore it and am in a knitting SLUMP and NEED something like this for a good knit !!! Great inspiration ;) I have been oogeling people sporting this sort of hat !!!

A-L said...

Modisch Schreibt: Thank you - nice to have new readers commenting here!
I knitted this hat from top down - so casting on 6 stitches and increasing from there up to 66 stitches. But it's gonna work beautifully other way round as well - I'm sure. My gauge was 13sts/10cm - and I have a big head:-) so If you can fit into normal hats then 60stitches with the same gauge that I had would give you the normal adult size...
I had great fun knitting this one - I hope you enjoy it as well! (it goes really fast - can easily be made in a few hours)