Friday, 3 December 2010

Double leaf fingerless mittens

Part 2/3 of the set I've knitted.
Pattern: None/Mine
Yarn: OnLine Linie Move
Needles: 4mm dpns

These Fingerless mittens have a double leaf lace on top and the inside of cuff is twisted rib - as well as the edges. Palm is plain stockinette.
I was a bit surprised how beautiful they came out. And the fit is for once snug enough for my rather small hands. They are just perfect for me. (and they've proven to provide the much needed extra warmth for my hands when I work on my laptop... as my fingers and wrists tend to freeze inside the office as well as outside:-)
In the meantime - we have even more snow now. It's been snowing all day again...
As for the projects on my needles - I've managed to knit one sock for myself and am halfway through the other one.
(that's my telly-watching project - plain vanilla socks. No need to look at my knitting at all. - although this also leads to situations like the other day, when I suddenly realized that I had knitted the foot long enough to fit a rabbit.. I ended up ripping back some 6-7cm...well - it just happens sometimes... )


Florrie said...

I love the pattern on your fingerless sock knitting is starting to pick up which is a good thing as I still have a couple of pairs left to make as Christmas gifts.
florrie x

Sigrun said...

Love you fingerless mittens :-)