Tuesday, 7 December 2010


To complete my knitted set of hat, mitts & scarf - here's the part III.
Pattern: none/Mine Double leaf snood
Yarn: OnLine Linie Move, used double throughout approx
Needles: 10mm(!)

Didn't want a regular scarf this time (and I have quite a few of them already) plus that I noticed how often I wear my other snood/scarf that I knitted in September, so I made another one.

I wanted it to be Big and soft & warm so I used 10mm needles & doubled the yarn. I placed the double leaf motif in the middle and then just some very basic netting/lave on both sides of it ' neat garter stitch edges. Easy. And made really fast! (just love using big needles every now and then. Not all the time you know - but sometimes it is all that I need to balance all my lace & sock knitting with thin yarn etc... )
So - this scarf can be worn as a one big loop like a scarf - or like a very lacy and unpractical hood
- or like I wear it the most often - twice around my neck , when it becomes seriously warm neck warmer.
(Funny to watch these photos now a couple of weeks after they were taken. We have almost a half a meter of snow now - but on the moment of photo shoot there was hardly any of it... everything changes so fast:-)

Now I have to figure out how to knit socks for my 7yr-old. She was very precise ("socks that are pink and blue or purple and they have zigzag stripes. Need to be good length, not too short or long - right here *points her calf* can you make those to me mom?") Oh yes. so I'm trying some Jaywalker-ish chevron patterns to see which one would work in a sock well enough. ( Fortunately(!?) I happen to have just right yarns in my stash;-)


Anonymous said...

I love love love your cowl/scarf/oversized hood !!! So beautiful !

A-L said...

Thank you! I think I'm going to knit another one and maybe writing down the "pattern" (more like a chart & instructions - after all it is just a tube) for others to use as well.