Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pink hat

Here's one of the hats I knitted last month, when on a sick leave.

The hat is knitted top-down - which was a revelation to me once I learned the cast on method used through-out the Cathy Carron's Hip Knit Hats. Basically you make loops around two dpns, as if starting knitting toe-up socks - and the result is a totally invisible and "peak-free" crown. Very cool and easy!
Pattern: none - inspired by hats in Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron
Yarn: Novita Teddy in Pink
Needles: 7mm dpns

The hat above is how I originally knitted it. However - it did not stay well enough in my daughters head (there tends to be quite a lot of speed & action involved when she's in question) So I picked up stitches for about 2/3 of the perimeter of brim and worked in garter stitch decreasing steadily 1 stitch at the end of every row until the "flap" was approx. 5cm (2") long.
That was enough to make the hat work in real action. Now it covers ears and stays on. (most of the time at least)

Btw. Here are the 2 skeins of lovely Araucania Ranco, that I'm using to knit those "zigzag-socks" my eldest daughter asked for..

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Sigrun said...

Nice hat and clever you to add some rows to make it more steady on the head.