Friday, 17 December 2010


So happy it's Friday. Xmas holiday is getting near and it's been a hectic autumn at work. So it was fantastic to have a little break yesterday and enjoy the xmas lunch with my colleagues. Very nice. The food was absolutely delicious and for once everyone seemed to be happy and stress-free for a moment.

Today we've been enjoying a slow-paced Friday with girls. Some playing in the snow, some crafts with stamps and crayons and now the girls are all cuddled up in the sofa and watching cartoons for a while.

I've been cooking and knitting and making the last-minute xmas purchases on the net. (I really hope that the presents make it here before December 24th! Everywhere I looked it stated that order before Dec. 19th and the delivery is guaranteed in the EU by xmas... but we'll see. I tend to be a bit skeptic when it comes to promises like that.)

Here are some of the projects I have on the needles right now.
Some lace in Kidsilk Night - this is almost finished - just need to add buttons and it's done.

A pair of socks for me. (1st sock finished and the 2nd almost done) I love this Online Supersocke yarn. The colour is beautiful.

Then some serious surface structure in Drops Nepal. I'm really looking forward to get to the sewing part of this one as it is a strangest construction: at first you knit a long (almost 170cm) rectangle, which then needs to be sewn together to form a jacket. Cool.

I'm also eagerly waiting the postman to bring the yarns I ordered from PoshYarn. They've been on their way almost 2 weeks now - which is a long time to travel from the UK to Finland (but I guess the delay has something to do with the weather conditions in the UK and the fact that Finnair's stewardesses were on strike for a week or so, which messed up lots of international deliveries to/from Finland on top of the actual harm done to people who had booked tickets to the canceled flights.)
SO maybe the lovely yarns will arrive today? I keep my fingers crossed!

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