Sunday, 26 September 2010

Apples and one not that ugly scarf

This weekend we've been raking apples. Lots of them. Normally we have had a good apple year (when we feel that we are drowning into apples) and bad apple years (when out of our 9 old apple trees we've been able to get apples for maybe 3 apple pies. and that's it.) on every other year. Last year we had a good apple year and this summer we were sort of hoping that we wouldn't be getting that many apples this year. (because that's just the way it normally goes) Well - no luck. This year seems to be the ultimate as far as apples are considered.
It looks pretty though as long as they are up in the tree.
However - as Newton already discovered - everything must come down eventually. And the raking part - that is not fun. Not anymore.
Oh - and to knitting :I've managed to finish my super ugly scarf. I joined the ends to form a loop (infinity scarf - as they are sometimes called).
Pattern: my own
Yarn: OnLine Linie 246 Move - 100g
Needles: 10mm

Guess what - I don't think it's that ugly anymore. I can totally wear it. It's not pretty-pretty, but it is nice and comfy and warm...and not half that ugly that it looked like when I had only knitted few inches of it.

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Sigrun said...

OMG,that's a lot of apples. I often wish I could grow them at my place but I have not tried it. You can at some places in Iceland but not all over it.
I guess your ugly scarf 'did grow on you' :-) and it looks nice and cosy (no need to give it away).