Saturday, 4 September 2010

Serious Ugly

I rarely get fooled by the yarns ball appearance and can pretty much imagine what the yarn looks like when it is knitted up but this time... oh boy...

I partly blame the timing of this yarn purchase. Last Thursday I just had my tattoo done in tattoo shop and I was (most probably) full of adrenaline and endorphins... not the best time to enter the yarn shop where I very rarely visit. Plus that they had a sale.... (now that I think about it - it was a disaster waiting to happen) So there I was - pumped up with exhilaration and what not - and even when I'm at my normal state I find yarn sale quite hard to ignore. This time I did not even try. So I went through all those baskets of sale yarn and ended up buying these:
now - I'm pretty happy that I only bought that amount - at one point I could detect that maybe it was not a good idea to buy all the yarn from the shop - so I cut my purchase down to this. Which is still quite a lot - considering that I have a quite a sizeable yarn stash at home. (try somewhere around 60kg of yarn... )

But, this yarn is not all for me. I'm actually planning to make a couple of pairs of socks and a scarf or two out of it for xmas presents for all the lucky relatives. It is actually quite wise to buy yarn for xmas presents already in august. Right?

However - the yarn I planned to blog about is this.
So nice when it is all wound up in this cushy ball. I totally could see myself whipping a scarf out of it and how nice it would look with my leather jacket...

I began knitting and...
What the???? It looks like nothing I had envisioned in my head. Actually it looks damn ugly. I could hear Laura from Project Runway (season 3) in my head stating "there is some Serious Ugly here".
It looks like a roadkill or a pile of stale dog poo to me. Now how could I see it so wrong in my head? I must be mad to be buying novelty yarn in the first place - but this - it is just disgusting... I don't know what to do. Maybe I continue knitting and it will "grow on me"(???) Or maybe I just throw it to the rubbish. (after all it was dirty cheap as well - only 1EUR/ball)

What the h*** was I thinking???

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Sigrun said...

Ohhh I have SO been there. Give it to charity, someone must like it :-)