Monday, 20 September 2010

Noro Yuzen vest

Here's one of the knits I've finished recently. A hooded vest made with Noro Yuzen (a wonderful blend of wool, silk & mohair) .
This was a very fast and simple knit. The biggest issue I had was probably with stripe sequencing. When I finished one ball of yarn it seemed to take ages to find the corresponding place of the next hank. (I hate it when some magazines have photos of "artful" self-striping yarns and then they have knitted the garments out of it with no thought at all. Stripes go this way and that way and the overall look is just a mess.... so I'm trying my hardest not to repeat that mistake in my own knitting.)
Pattern: Noro Yuzen Ladies waistcoat (Y848) , from Noro the world of nature , vol 26
Yarn: Noro Yuzen in colour #4 - approx 250g
Needles: 5mm

It is a very simple knit. Knitted all in one piece beginning from the hem and then decreasing on both edges steadily all the way until the top of the hood is grafted together. I love the colours in this yarn but I wish they would not change so rapidly from one colour to another. In the beginning it looked like I was knitting thin 2 row stripes... All in all a nice project anyways. Won't be using this to work but will most likely be living in it outside the office hours. Which is all good.

It's mushroom time again. We spent a couple of hours both on last Saturday and Sunday picking mushrooms. This is only a fraction of our "loot". Love walking in the forest - it really makes good for the soul. (and momentarily washes away the stress)


weartheheartis said...

Hi Aija-Leena: What kind of mushrooms are these?

A-L said...

That's woolly milk-cap (s: Lactarius torminosus) - needs boiling before it can be made into salad or sauce - but is quite delicious if handled properly:-)

Anonymous said...

This pattern for the vest is amazing. I live in Germany and have never seen Noro Patterns here. It is so beautiful and you did such a beautiful job with it !!!! I am incredibly envious !!!