Sunday, 2 January 2011

New year - still the same knitting

Happy New year everyone! I do realise this is the time when many knitting blogs have listings of the projects completed last year - or photos showing best projects..
I'm not gonna do that. Last year is gone. It was a pretty good year. I hope this one is equally good one.

As for knitting - I'm still knitting the Hoarfrost neck warmer. And thinking that either I'm really slow knitter when it comes to this pattern or then I just don't feel a project that takes more than 5 hours especially fast one to make.
In the pattern it says that: " Knit in a crystalline cable-and-lace motif and finished with a knit-on border of lace snowflakes, this piece works up quickly on circular needles, travels well, and makes a beautiful gift."
I do agree it is a beautiful design. It definitely would travel well as it is very compact and small . But works up quickly? I totally disagree. I've been knitting my Hoarfrost more than 7 hours now and That is not Quickly. Nope.
Looks like this pattern and yarn go very well together. What an incredible shine and depth of colour!


Wollgut said...

And happy new year to you! The last post I read of yours before I fell into the rabbit (=dissertation) hole was about your Milan trip. I've missed so much! I love the Pea Vines scarf, and I LOVE the Side Slip Cloche (plus the cowl you made to go with it). What's the golden lace project you're making out of Kidsilk Haze? Looks beautiful! I look forward to seeing more finished projects... :)

I know what you mean by knits that supposedly knit up quickly... I made a pair of booties that supposedly take one hour to make, only it took me the length of the extended version of The Two Towers--and that's something like four hours!

Sigrun said...

Happy new year :-)