Monday, 10 January 2011


The other day the postman brought these lovelies that I ordered some time ago from Die Wollbox. Incredible lace yarns: 100% cashmere (turquoise), a natural coloured50% camel/50% silk and some gorgeously spring- green kid mohair/silk.
The cashmere already jumped on the needles. I'm knitting Annis shawl for my mom as a birthday gift. (I think I can pretty safely mention it here because she never visits this blog)

I love the yarn and the pattern looks great but.... there are 3 rows where you repeatedly purl 7 together, which is a pain in the a**e. I literally through the whole damn thing to the floor as I got so frustrated of p7tog. So here's a free tip : if you want to remain calm and collected ( or even just not going bonkers) do not try to knit 100& lace weight cashmere on standard addi circulars...
Ok, now that I've vented a bit I'm gonna go and take yet another try of those bloody p7togs. I will knit this if it was the last thing I ever did. See you later.


stash haus said...

I haven't had to purl that many together yet - but one tip I know is that when making the stitches that will be those purls, make them more loose than usual so that it's a bit easier to do all that purling together.

Hope the knitting gets easier!

A-L said...

That's a good hint - and I bet it works for other kinds of yarn but
this time it was a very slippery slope...(lace weight cashmere on nickel-plated circulars was hopelessly slippery...)
I ended up Knitting:
slip 5 - p2tog and then lifting the remaining stitches over the 1 I purled... So S L O W but after those frigging nups it was all smooth sailing.

iCatt said...

I used a small crochet hook. Took a little practice, but a lot easier than using a plain pointed needle in the long run.