Sunday, 16 January 2011

Girlie hat

...for my oldest daughter. I knitted this a while ago - but only now managed to sew on the flower and pearls.
Pattern: Violet seed by Cathy Carron
Yarns: Araucania Copihue in #PT504, approx. 80g, For flower some Rowan Kidsilk night in Fountain #612
Needles: 6mm dpns

This is a great pattern. Seed stitch gives nice surface to this extremely simple hat. (Copihue feels like a dream. it is amazingly squishy and soft)

Fit came out perfect for Bella and I added a simple knitted flower as a little detail (girls between age 2-7 don't apparently have a limit for pretty things. All that's pink and sparkly is "wonderful")
I sewed a small lilac button to the center of the flower and added also some clear/silver-tone pearls as well.
As for other knitting. It is not going so well. I had been knitting the diagonal front jacket for some days and was on my way to finish the first sleeve when I had to admit my defeat and stop knitting.
Once again I had embarked knitting without really counting how much yarn I had in reality - and had only 2 balls of Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran left when I still would have needed to complete the 1/5 of the 1st sleeve, the whole 2nd sleeve and collar. So I ended up frogging the whole thing. Do I ever learn to check how much yarn I have before I start a new project??

(Anyways - I decided that the merino yarn was not the right yarn for that project anyways - as it was not drapy enough... so maybe it was all for the best this way (?) I'm definitely going to knit the Diagonal front jacket out of some other yarn. )


Wollgut said...

Ooooh! Such a pretty hat! Knits for girls are so much more fun (read: cuter) than for boys, and you have three girls to knit for!

Boom said...

I have the exact problem for measuring the yarn to a pattern. I always am 1 skein short and trying to mix dye lots. On the other hand, sometimes I have enough left over for something I guessed on to knit a cover for my car.

stash haus said...

Love the hat and the embellishments!

I think that, no matter how much knitting experience you have, one always can have this happen to them. For me, it's because I get excited about a yarn, and then a pattern, but then the yarn and the pattern don't work together. It's amazing how far I will knit in a state of self-delusion before admitting defeat and frogging the project.