Thursday, 6 January 2011

Hoarfrost neckwarmer

Pattern: Hoarfrost neck warmer by Anne Hanson
Yarn: PoshYarn Sadie sock (50%merino, 50%tencel) in Bats in the Belfray
Needles: 2,5mm addi 40cm round needle and 3mm dpns

Knitted size Large but on smaller needles and substantially tighter gauge - it came out wonderfully snug. The crystalline lace pattern is gorgeous. I love how it looks and feels. The bath transformed Sadie sock yarn so soft, without taking away the incredible shine it gets from tencel. Absolutely Fabulous!
Btw. it took maybe 8-9 hours in total to knit this. It is not a fast knit but definitely worth every minute. I have approx half of the skein of Sadie sock yarn still left and I'm thinking of knitting coordinating wristlets of it, with the same lace border that in the Hoarfrost.
(Last photo taken w/flash - really shows the shine)

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Sigrun said...

This is so nice, look's great and seem's to be very good to wear.