Thursday, 13 January 2011

Some sparkle to darkness

So - last time I complained about p7tog for Annis shawl. I'm happy to tell you that after tackling those it was all smooth sailing and the resulting shawl is ready and being blocked to shape as I write this.
I also managed to cast on for another Annis for myself:-) This time from the lovely green Madil Kid Seta. And I won't be knitting those frigging nups again - instead I'm planning on substituting them with clear beads... feeling a bit anxious on how that's going to work out - it is going to be my first knitting project with beads on it!

Other than that there's one more FO for you.
Pattern: Lacy Top/ Lucille by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Studio Knits
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Night in Bronze - little less than 4 balls (under 100g!!)
Needles: 3mm & 3,75mm

Sorry about the quality of the photos. It is so d a m n dark here that taking photos is a true challenge + the fact that at the time of photo session it was around -20 celsius (~-4 Fahrenheit) - so I was completely freezing in 2 minutes... (and these photos were taken around 1pm - so it should be the brightest time of the day!)
Anyways - I pretty much like this one. It has sparkle, but not overtly so. Just enough to give some glitz to life. It is very light and when I started knitting this I thought it as a layering piece - which it became. It does look quite festive if worn solo (= just a sleeveless top underneath) but I've been wearing it on top of vintagey blouses and jersey tops - and it is actually amazingly wearable. Like it a lot - pity about the photos. I guess the next time you'll get decent photos in this blog is in a month or so....

btw. I just found (!!!) a finished cardigan from one of my knitting bags! It is Joy by Kim Hargreaves - but it still misses the buttons. I know I picked up buttons for it but cannot find them! should I be concerned that 1. I did not even remember knitting that one and/or 2. I have no clue where the buttons are.... ) Weird!? Or do I just knit too much?


Boom said...

Love the green color. Very pretty sweater.

Florrie said...

Love the lacy that a double sleeve I spy there.....pretty.

florrie x