Monday, 11 October 2010

Sofa's new look

I did some sewing! I'm so happy I got the new cushion covers done for our trusty sofa. Old ones started to look quite worn out (they were yellow and orange - and in quite a state...)
So here's the new look - black & off-white - bold& beautiful

(not to mention very practical - that pattern will probably hide at least some of the stains that are only waiting to happen when there's 3 lively kids in the family. As the truth is that most of the time they are not sitting on the sofa - but doing headstands, jumping, climbing etc. Slip covers are great! )

That's my knitting basket in the corner. Always at least three or four projects on the needles at the same time...


Sigrun said...

I need to give our sofa new look, bought the fabric some time ago but haven't found time for sewing yet. But you give me inspiration so maybe I'll go for it :-)

A-L said...

Sigrun: that's exactly what normally happens to me : I find a great fabric, decide to make something out of it and buy it. Then I don't have time to sew it. And it can take years before I get into sewing part... so I know what you are talking about.

Go for it! it is such a rewarding project. And new slipcovers or cushion change the look of the room so much - with a little effort.