Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lace shawl

Finally finished this one. It's been on my needles since June - but I haven't been exactly faithful for it, to get it finished earlier...
Pattern: Shawl in Cherry leaf pattern, by Jane Sowerby from Victorian lace today (
Yarn: The Yarn Gallery (TYG) Compass - in Earth approx. 120g
Needles: 5mm

Absolutely love this yarn. It is "scrunchy" and the colour has amazing depth. (especially the purple looks gorgeous in nature!) It also handled really well in wet blocking - and now I have one cozy shawl. Although I probably will be wearing it like a scarf around my neck - attached with a nice brooch.
(Just bought the maple leaf brooch from this shop in . Beautiful!)
I have so many things on my needles right now - a true startitis going on. I've begun 3 new projects in 2 days - and I also have quite a few FO's (at least 6) that I haven't presented here yet. will need to update this blog more often...
(Otello still on the needles - just finished it a couple of days ago. More pics in near future. I hope.)

Wanna see some really nice lace patterns? Check this out. Just finished one of her designs and have begun another one. Pretty - pretty:-)


Sigrun said...

nice shawl and nice colors :)

A-L said...

Thank you:-)