Sunday, 10 October 2010


As promised - here's another finished knit. I bought the yarn from here and it was a total impulse purchase. I saw that they had many Louisa Harding yarns on very good price and as I have the wonderful Cardigans book filled with her designs I decided there and then to purchase Ca'D'oro yarn. Even though it clearly was a novelty yarn. (I admit that the price had everything to do with my decision to buy - was feeling a bit low at a time and treated myself with some yarn... also bought some Cinnabar and RYC cashcotton...)
Pattern: Otello by Louisa Harding from Cardigans
Yarn: Ca'd'Oro 550g
Needles: 6mm & 7mm
I'm having a bit of a mixed feelings about this cardigan. On the other hand - it has a wonderfully vintage-feel to it. Sort of 1950's small & sweet collar - 7/8 sleeves etc. On the other hand - it is evident that I need to be extra careful what to combine this with. Otherwise it is going to look very grandma-ish. (When the photos were taken I just through it on and the black long skirt & jersey top are not the ideal match to it.)
I'm thinking it will - however - look great with my favourite (= quite worn out) jeans and a nice bracelet...

Note on the buttons - they are actually vintage ones. From 50's or 60's . I was amazed how much it would have changed the cardigan depending on which yarn to use to sew the buttons on. I always use the same yarn to attach buttons that I have knitted the actual piece with (unless I want the buttons to pop out more and decide to use contrasting coloured yarn) And with Ca'd'Oro I had 4 different yarns to choose from - as the yarn is actually 4 different yarns plied together. There is a light olive viscose/rayon yarn that gives shine, a mustard yellow and deep purple wool yarns and a mauve mohair blend yarn. In the end I chose the mohair yarn to attach the buttons.

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