Monday, 18 October 2010

Perugino Throw/ blanket

Maybe it is a high time to introduce my Perugino throw. It took me less than a couple of hours to decide that I "had to " buy this kit from Colinette. Then some hours to wind the lovely yarn into balls. And the knitting process.... well - took me more than a year. Reason being that I just didn't like knitting it.
Pattern & Yarn: Perugino Throw by Colinette in Cappuccino (sold as a kit. Includes following yarns: Mohair, merino tape Tagliatelli and Giotto)
Needles: maybe 8mm (cannot remember - don't care..)
There was a time last spring when I made the decision to actually knit, knit, knit and finish the sucker. It turned out pretty, however. Although why this colourway is called Cappuccino - evades me. On Colinette website the photo gave me an illusion of frothy toffee-and light rosy shades of caramel or cappuccino - indeed. But in real life - the colourway is all purples, grays and pinks. Don't get me wrong - it isn't that I don't like it. It is just that I expected the colours to be much warmer etc.
That said - it is a very warm and cute throw. Girls love to keep it as a lap blanket when watching children's programmes from the telly (it covers easily all three of them) .


Wollgut said...

Yay Perugino! When I read your inital post--I guess a year ago?--I ran to the phone to place my order with Colinette. I really love this blanket! Yours is beautiful. I shamefully admit that my kit is sitting in my stash untouched. (I chose colorway "Latte," which translated into greens and pinks. Someone at Colinette has a serious color issue.) I'm sad to hear you didn't like knitting it... is there something wrong with the pattern, or is it the mohair?

PS: Cloth diapers--I'll blog about them soon! So happy to hear you're a fan. :)

Sigrun said...

Strange 'Cappuccino' color but nice blanket. Would love to have one if it wasn't for the mohair ... not my thing (very itchy to my skin).

A-L said...

Melanie: yarns themselves are wonderful - and pattern is easy - but it is the stripes. You need to change yarn every 2 or 4 rows -. and somehow I struggled with that (trying to keep the stripe sequence correct etc. ) In the end there would have been a million yarn ends to sew in - so I opted for just crocheting along the long edges and covering the yarn ends simultaneously - so I skipped the "weave in the ends"-part completely... I do recommend that approach- made the finishing process much less painful.

Sigrun: thank you. maybe welsh cappuccino is this colour? :-D Italian definitely is not.