Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Last week we (me and my DH - no kids!) had the luxury of spending a long weekend in Milano, Italy. What a lovely trip, just the two of us and no-one else to take care of. We walked a lot, drank wonderful Italian cappuccino and ate well. (NB! This is the colour of true cappuccino - and it has nothing to do with the colouring of my perugino throw!)
We were amazed to find out how good the public transport was in Milano. (only 3EUR/person/day - and it allowed us to use all trams, buses , metro and some trains within Milano.. very reasonable price!)

Trams were kind of cool. Vintagy even. In Milan they looked like this.
Check out the wonderful lamps inside.
If we understood the driver of the no19 tram correctly, the trams date back to 1930's . Nice.

Of course we also checked the sights - Il Duomo (which my DH continuously called El Diablo... ) , the Castle, the ridiculously pricey fashion streets of Via della Spiga (with Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana etc) and Via Montenapoleone (again D&G, YSL etc..)
But mostly we just talked and walked.
Had some Italian food: (this is our lunch)
- and enjoyed the Apperitivo. Which basically translates into paying approx 6-7 euros for the drink and then having the unlimited buffet where to choose little snacks - olives, pasta salads, fruit, crisps, all kinds of little savory snacks , tiny sandwiches etc. Delicious.

Although Milano is the fashion capital of Italy I didn't go shopping really - I only bought a pair of flat black leather boots - which go with everything. As for yarn - didn't even see any during our long weekend. (btw. Love that fruit & vegetable stand... looks so welcoming - doesn't it?)

However - immediately when I had unpacked our suitcase - I took this lovely skein of Araucania Copihue from my stash. It's going to be a hat for my 7 yr old...

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