Friday, 29 October 2010

Pea Vines- shawl(ette)

Remember some time back when I showed my WIPs?
Here's the wonderful Pea vines shawlette all finished up. And I love it.
Pattern: Pea vines by Anne Hanson
Yarn: Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Pea soup mix. Less than a skein.
Needles: 4mm

The yarn is a lovely, intense green - and while knitting it I got a flashback that I've already knitted something from this kind of green... and I have. My Mrs.Darcy cardigan (drops alpaca yarn) is exactly the same colour as the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine used for Pea vines. How weird is that? It got me thinking that maybe it IS the same yarn but just sold under different brand names , but no - the drops alpaca is 100% alpaca whereas the Berrocco yarn is wool/alpaca/nylon mix... still pretty weird. (and how I manage to pick up yarns like that is almost spooky. and it wasn't the first time it's happened either....)

I've been following Anne Hanson's blog some time now - and the moment I saw pea vines shawl - I knew it was perfect for me. So I bought the pattern as soon as it was released. So beautiful! I like the fact that the lacy top edge is knitted at the same time with the rest of the shawl - so when you have finished the shawl it is really done - no need to attach separate border etc.
Have to admit though that I never really got into the flow-state of knitting - you know - when you can just see your hands knitting and the mind is free to travel. Nope - the Pea vines demanded my full attention from the cast on 'til the cast of . But it was worth it. And I definitely enjoyed knitting it. I knitted the smallest size - so it is a nice scarf-like accessory, that I can wear to spice up my wardrobe.
I can see myself knitting this again in future - maybe in the medium size that time. It would look great also in a very light colour - I think. Maybe a soft cream or ivory-white silk blend for spring time?

(I don't have anything like that in my stash - I'm only speculating here - and no I try not to purchase any more yarn before the end of this year as I've bought a lot during the last 6 weeks or so... Never , ever visit a yarn shop on-line with your Visa next to you and after having a throbbing head ache for weeks - so that your guards are down... ok you are warned - I flashed my credit card here. Don't even go to the Araucania clearance sale... that was my doom.)

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