Sunday, 14 November 2010

Luciole Shawl

Here's another small shawlette that I've recently finished knitting. It is once again a design by Anne Hanson. (she really has a talent for one of a kind lace designs. Love her shawls. If you look very closely - those are little fireflies that decorate the lower edge of the shawl. )
Pattern: Luciole by Anne Hanson (from Knitspot)
Yarn: Ewetopia superwash merino sock yarn less than 1 ball
Needles: 4mm

I knitted the smallest size - but due to the thicker yarn than called for (at least that's what I suspect) the blocked size is very close to the medium size shawl.
The Ewetopia yarn is wonderful. Very soft & springy. Which leads to an excellent stitch definition. I'd love to knit something else with the same yarn again. That's how lovely it was to knit. (I received this yarn a while back when participating into SecretPal 13 swap. Ewetopia merino has been in and out of my knitting basket several times after that but only now I found a project that I thought was perfect for the yarn.)
I've been knitting four shawls this autumn, which is quite a lot. The thing is - that time to time I tend to wear a lot of black and the small shawls like this one or the Pea Vines are perfect for adding a little bit of colour and some interest to otherwise quite somber look.
(and as I'm nearly always feeling cold, they are great at providing a tad of extra warmth as well)


Boom said...

Very nice. I made this shawl too. I used a wool dark orange yarn that I had in my stash and I too love Anne's patterns.

stash haus said...

I love seeing what you made from Ewetopia's yarn. It is lovely stuff, isn't it?

I love your version of the pattern. I think the lace details show up better than in the gray colored yarn used in the example on the pattern.

A-L said...

Boom: Thank you:-) I'd love to see your Luciole, is it in Ravelry or are you going to show it in you blog later?

Stash House: That yarn was just wonderful!! Thank you so much. Colour could not be any more "me"