Friday, 12 November 2010

Sewing day

Still alive and kicking. (although now my 5yr old is coughing her lungs out...)

Have been almost manically knitting hats for me and girls. So far I've finished 5 - they are knit in a jiffy from aran & bulky weight yarns... but those will come here later. (No photos yet-> for the fact that there is no light. Absolutely miserable darkness all day long. Hate, hate, hate this time of year!! It is not humane to live in this darkness. Please someone ship me to Australia for the next 3 months!?)

Instead - the other day I felt like sewing. I adore this book:
It has such a lovely photos and a very calm & serene feel to it. (not to mention that the designs are very wearable and easy & fast to wonder I keep coming back to these patterns.)
This time I made the easy shift dress in a pretty flower print 100% cotton, that I bought some months ago...
It looks huge in the photo but actually it is pretty much the standard EU Medium size (used size Large of the book - it is made to Japanese standards and evidently women are smaller there)- and I've been wearing already with thick black tights, boots & cardigan + some vintage jewellery - and it looked quite charming. I really should sew more.

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stash haus said...

Very sweet dress.

For me, the anticipation of the upcoming holidays is the only thing that make the darkness bearable.