Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hat 1 - Clara

Today I'm at home instead of working - having way too high blood pressure. This really sucks.

On the brighter side, the health issues have given me quite some extra knitting time...(although it cannot wipe away the fact that I'd rather be healthy)

Anyways - while under the cold last time - I kept leafing through Cathy Carron's Hip Knit Hats. And ended up knitting 3 hats from that book and 2 more hats where I improvised the pattern myself.
Here's the lacy little number I knitted for myself: Clara (pattern has been inspired by Clara Bow, silent film actress)

Pattern: Clara by Cathy Carron
Yarn: Novita Aino in purple (a bit more than 50g)
Needles: 6mm dpns
This is no cold weather hat - as it is all net, but I've been wearing it this week when it's been around +-0 Celsius and it is warm enough for a warmish autumn weather like that. (I would not wear it today if going out - it is snowing heavily and windy...)

On the plus side is also the fact that this knits up in a jiffy. Took maybe 2-3 hours to make.

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