Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Lately I've been trying to figure out which stitch pattern to use for my tweed jacket/gardigan. I have 900g of Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed in wonderfully rich ochre shade...

I have had the yarn in my stash for a "couple " of years.... never really have found the right pattern for it. So I thought that "screw the perfect pattern hunt - I can totally design my own..." (is that self confidence? or delusion? or just plain cockiness?) only to find out that it is not that easy to find a lace pattern that incorporates (maybe) some cabling... and would look good super-sized... And would have airy enough appearance so that the jacket would be wearable, not too stiff and... You get the picture.
So I'm going to rip-it again - and try some other lace/cable combo - until I find the one that looks exactly right.

Oh - there has been some present knitting for Joulu(xmas) , but for obvious reasons I cannot show any of those until after I've given them to the lucky relatives...

As for the other stuff - I'm feeling better. We have snow - the scenery is covered with the fluffy white snow and it looks so nice. (although there are weather forecasts that say it's going to snow a lot next night, and the trains are likely to be late again and what-not...) It's definitely Winter.


Florrie said...

Love that shade of Donegal Chunky Tweed, it will make a lovely jacket when you find the right pattern.

Snow is so pretty, we have no snow here in the UK at the moment although it is forecast to turn bitterly cold by the end of this week.
Lovely blog.
florrie x

Sigrun said...

Self confidence! No question about it :-) Lovely color. And good luck with the pattern making.

A-L said...

Florrie: thank you:-) I was suprised how cold it could get during the winter (especially inside our house) in the UK when I lived there.

Sigrun: I probably need a bucketful of luck to be able to design my own jacket (so that it is actually wearable) but I have a feeling that this is a good time as any to try..