Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sienna Cardigan

Finally photos! (This starts to be my trademark blog-text beginning...) Meet Sienna.
It was a pure stroke of luck when one day I was going through my unread Knitting daily emails,and found the free leaflet of gardigans there - pattern of Sienna included! I had placed Sienna on my ravelry queue the moment I saw it (over a year ago) and had wanted to knit it ever since. I was even lucky to have a very nice yarn for it - in a beautiful terracotta shade. So after finding the Knitting daily leaflet I cast on - immediately.
Pattern: Sienna Cardigan by Ann E. Smith (ravelry)
Yarn: Jaeger Extrafine merino Aran in 556 Maple (approx 500g)
Needles: 4,5mm

(btw. the above photo looks so weird - as if it was "photo-shopped" ... nice flash effect ?)

I really - really like this cardigan. The colour is perfect to me. And Jaeger extrafine merino is my favourite merino yarn of all times (still cannot get over it why they had to discontinue it??)

The thing I like the most is the collar - with laddered bind-off edge. How cool is that? I also like the lacy cables and deep ribbing on the hem - and I added ribbing also to sleeves - because I didn't like the idea of boud of edges in my sleeves. Love it this way.
I knitted sleeves round on dpns - because that's the way I make sleeves - without seams , please. Also the body has been knitted as one piece without side seams 'till under arms. Very nice pattern. Easy to follow and makes one awesome (not to mention practical) cardi.

Close to perfect - me thinks.


Wollgut said...

I agree with you: perfect! It's a really beautiful cardigan, and you matched it well with the blouse. Love the outfit!

Sigrun said...

Very nice :-)

Kai said...

It looks perfect to me! Really suits you and that colour is stunning. :)

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Great work!