Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Well - could not manage photos by Sunday but mittens are finally ready. They are very, very thick and warm I would imagine - which is good as temperature has dropped yet again to -17 Celsius....
Pattern: inspired by the description of Double-double mittens in Villapeikko's blog
Yarn: Whatever Drops Alpaca I had left in my stash - Raspberry, Wine red and Green - total of 76g
Needles: 4mm
Crochet hook: 5mm (because that was the only one small enough I could find)
I used the yarn double stranded and knitted two pairs of mittens that I attached to each-other with a crocheted trim. In theory - this should leave loads of tiny airpockets to help insulation against the freezing cold(hope it works in practice as well)
Mittens can be worn either the green or red side out. On the green side there is a k1,p1 - rib cuff , and on the red side there is a stockinette cuff with just 5 rows of rib on the wrist. I also run out of raspberry-coloured yarn before knitting thumbs - which is why they are wine red. But that really does not matter (at least not to me) - colours go nicely together anyways.

All in all - a heartwarming knitting project: no more cold fingers for my littlest girl !! (I hope)

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