Saturday, 16 January 2010

Relieving stress with knitting

I'm a stress bug. I hate to admit it but it is true. This week's been very demanding workwise and there is no change in sight before mid-February. Projects are piling up ...The worst is that I've started getting head-aches again. Nothing "oh I guess I have a bit of a head-ache"-type of thing, but the mind-numbing, nauseating sort of head-aches. That last until I get to sleep them off... Bugger.

I obviously have still no photos of my 3 FOs (Sienna Cardigan, perugino throw and Blossom hat - all which I'm very happy about) instead here's something I've been knitting this week - "double-double mittens" for Mariella to keep her little fingers toasty while she's taking a nap in her trolley outside. (This has not been possible for a while because it's been under -15 celsius outside - which is considered a temperature limit when you cannot let babies/little kids sleep outside anymore. Happily today it is only -6 celsius and as I write this Mariella is happily napping on our porch. )
I read about this kind of mittens from Villapeikko's blog where she has several times mentioned that double mittens made out of double-stranded alpaca are really the warmest choice. So I'm trying them out.... (hopefully tomorrow some photos of finished mittens:-)

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