Sunday, 28 February 2010


I did it! See the relieved smile on my face? Yesterday evening it finally started to look like I was going to finish this coat in time - and here it is!
Pattern: Heavily modified version of Clàsica Coat by Deborah Newton
Yarn: RYC Soft Tweed in Twig - approx 800g
Needles: 5mm & 6mm
Crochet hook: 6mm
I ended up reversing the crinkle stitch pattern, Had to recalculate all stitch-counts due to thicker yarn than asked for . Made the jacket longer & narrower than in the original pattern. Left out the "raglan detail" (which I didn't get at all - to me it looked just so weird - so I left it out) And I modified sleeve a bit to fit my taste better (shorter crinkle-stitch area - a bit narrower sleeves )
All in all I'm pretty happy with this. Only thing that needs fixing is the hood, that is a bit weird shape. (I keep my fingers crossed that I can mold it into better shape while wet-blocking the whole thing. That is the one thing left to do with this before I can wear it - but for Ravelympics 2010 purposes - I say it is finished! )


Inkeri said...

Upea neule!

hiisa said...

Hienoa työtä! Se on upea.

Sigrun said...

So nice. You and your fingers ;-)

WorstedKnitt said...

Valtavan hieno!

janemurphy said...

I love your version. It's so much better than the original. But what do you mean by that you "reversed" the crinkled stitch pattern? Also how did you eliminate the weird raglan details on the back? (which I agree are better omitted). I'm going to try to make this without the hood-- just with a shawl collar. But I really prefer your cable pattern and I can't figure out what you did. You did a really beautiful job with this.

janemurphy said...
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