Monday, 10 August 2009

Roadtrip part 3: Denmark-Sweden-Åland

Next stop on our roadtrip was Denmark. We visited the unbelievably pretty town of Ribe that is said to be Denmark's oldest town.
After that we headed to the western coast of Denmark to Vejers-Strand.
(Girls riding their new pink Laufrads = bikes with no pedals)

(Vejers-Strand on North Sea coast, Denmark)
We would have wanted to stay longer but prices to stay at camping grounds in Denmark are phenomenally high and the weather fairies turned their back at us and it rained. And rained. So we drove through whole Denmark in 1 day all the way to Ystad, Sweden. (via magnificent bridges that cross the big-Belt and Copenhagen-Malmö)
And because of the weather I felt like knitting socks, also in shades of grey (and black):

( Old burial site in Kivik, Sweden)

We stayed 5 nights in Sweden and travelled along the coast of Baltic sea. So beautiful. Sweden tends to be country to drive through for us. (If you want to go anywhere in Europe, Sweden is on the way, and normally it is just fast as possible drive through the country so this time it was great to actually stay and enjoy the scenery over there) I like Sweden a lot. It is much like Finland but everything is a bit bigger. (and neater) And there's more of everything. People, cities, corn fields (we don't have those at all - but they do in Skåne), immigrants. (and Volvos! On one camping I counted 8 out of 11 cars were Volvos - unbelievable...)
(Fishing boat & nets in gorgeous colours, Grisslehamn, Sweden)
After almost 3 weeks we decided to go back home and travel via Åland. This seemed like a good idea, until we were in Marienhamn and tried to get tickets to little connection ferries to the mainland and found out that we could get to the other islands but everything to mainland Finland was fully booked. Fortunately we got tickets to big Silja Europa and once again changed our plan and travelled with that to Turku, Finland.
(It is hard to stay still when you are 4 and full of energy... Amanda jumping on the deck of Silja Europa)
Great trip. I truly recommend this sort of travelling with kids.

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Geek Knitter said...

What a wonderful journey, thank you for sharing... you've made me want to dust off my passport!