Friday, 7 August 2009

Roadtrip part 2: Germany (North coast)

On week 2 of our roadtrip we crossed the border to west of Poland and entered Germany. The first stop was on Insel Usedom (Ückeritz) and we stayed on camping that was 4km long(!) . Our camping spot was just a few dozen meters from a naturist beach. (I've never seen one before - not so that it would be a problem, but I admit it felt a bit weird at first - especially when later in Germany - in Ruegen- I saw women taking shower in a public bathroom with all their underwear on.. I mean - on the other hand you have nudist beaches and then you cannot take a shower without clothes?? )
(Me & Amanda looking for beautiful stones on a beach in Waabs-Ludwigsburg)
We also visited Wismar, that is on UNESCO list of World heritage sites.

(Sunset in Zierow)

Germany was neat and everything functioned well (as always it seems) - the only problem being awful traffic jams on the island of Ruegen. We spent 4 hours trying to get the hell out of there and managed to make 40km during that time... Only plus side being that I managed to knit myself a one cool scarf.

I call it a roadtrip scarf. Whipped out during that not-so-pleasant traffic jam, it has a garter stitch base with elongated stitches & some dropped stitches. And I really - really like it.
All it took was a one skein of Araucania Patagonia & 6mm needles. Will definitely make more of these later...

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