Friday, 14 August 2009

Noooooo! - Eiiiiii!

This is what happens when you let your lovely daughter (1year8months)to play with your 12mm addi turbos. Yep. In less than 2 minutes she managed to take it apart.

Voi syyttää vain itseään kun antaa näppärän pikkuneidin (1v8kk) leikkiä Addi Turboillaan. Alle kahdessa minuutissa toinen pää oli irti. Tuhotut 12mm Turbot.


Sigrun said...

Can you fix it??

A-L said...

Sigrun: I tried but no success. I'll let my DH to give it a try as well. Addis are supposed to be good - right`? So how on earth can a tiny girl take them apart??

Sigrun said...

I hope your DH can fix it and yes Addis are supposed to be good. But it is amazing what the small people can accomplish :-)