Thursday, 18 September 2008

Oh Ms. Gaughan -

how I love your designs.

I've been a happy owner of Knitting Nature for a year or so and knitted Nautilus Poncho, Ram's Horn Jacket and Target Wave Mittens.

Your designs are so clever. So different from any other. Now I've begun knitting Swirled Pentagon Pullover from New Lanark Aran in Natural Black. It's so coarse. It's rough on fingers. And yet somehow it feels so good. Maybe I have a little bit of masochist in me (?) .
This yarn is so scratchy that I needed to do an itch-test - so I made one pentagon, washed it (which softened the handle considerably) and wore it inside my bra for a whole day. No problems - so I started knitting .

Those pentagons were bit of a wrestle - partly because I only had 5 dpns and used a short circular as 6th needle. Also I needed to recalculate all stitch counts as my cauge is off few stitches from the original. So far I've managed to knit all pentagons and it looks good. Am really excited beginning the lower body - which I'm going to knit round. After this project I need to (ok, not really - but I want to anyway) order Norah Gaughan vol 3 as there are some knits I just got to have.

ps. This sweater makes me think of Ireland. Don't know why. I love Ireland and have been backpacking there for some weeks (years ago) and I have to go back someday. I remember walking on a beach somewhere in Donegal and thinking that I could live there...

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hiisa said...

Mä haluan nähdä tuon neuleen valmiina! Hauskan oloinen malli.
Ja sitten sinne irkkuihin ois ihana mennä takaisin joku kaunis päivä, olin nääs opiskelemassa siellä kolmisen kuukautta ja maisemat oli niin ihania ja sää vallan mainio sadesää ja olut oli hyvää ja pubit ihanan kotoisia.