Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Apples and more apples...and a couple of FOs

It's September. And we are drowning on apples. Seriously.

How much is too much?

Thing is - we have nine very old apple trees that seem to make awful lot of apples every other year. Last year we didn't get enough to make a decent apple pie and this year trees are filled with them. We are trying to offer them to anyone who possibly would want them. And still there is far too much...

and then next year there probably are no apples. Go figure. I'm not a much of a gardener.

In the meanwhile - I've managed to finish couple of projects that I began before olympic project.

First of all - that Flower petal shawl that almost ended up way too small, but I swallowed my pride and frogged and then knitted three extra pattern repeats and then re-knit the border. And blocked it. Which turned my wrinkled mass of lace to this:
A pretty shawl.
I'm quite happy with it - although it is quite romantic and pale for my usual taste but the yarn is so fabulous that I just gotta love it. Am definitely going to knit something else with the same yarn in future.
Then there are my Marigold socks.
Whipped up in mixed-green Fabel - they are actually pretty nice. Colour matches birch trees with their early autumn dresses - greens, yellow, black/grey and white.

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