Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Kimono socks

I finished these last week but forgot that I have a blog... (I know... I blame breastfeeding - it seems to drain all my brain cells)

This was a seriously fun pattern to knit. I had to send a message to designer - Star Athena, to say thanks. I mean - look at them: So simple, yet there is this little "something" (those neat knitted-in ties and the wrap-over effect gained by simple yo's and k2tog's) Just gotta love them.

I also fell head over heels for that yarn - it is Ranco from Araucania. Just beautiful to knit with and I hope it will last longer as it has some nylon in it (I'll never ever knit socks with a yarn that has no nylon in it. Done that and those socks had holes in them within one week!! )
- and I ordered "some" more Ranco from UK. Still waiting for them to arrive...

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