Saturday, 2 July 2011

Baby stuff- Pientä vauvalle

So - the time really seems to fly! It's already July and my blogging is lazy as ever. I did - however manage to begin all the required 25 projects by June 25th as required by KYH (Midsummer madness/craziness)

and I even have some finished projects to show you. yey!
First of all - a cute pair of Baby socks (KYH #3). The pattern is by Debbie Bliss and can be found in her Essential Baby book - however - I only knitted the leg (cabled) part as instructed in the pattern - after that I knitted them as ordinary baby socks on 4dpns. (just could not understand the instructions and heck - I know how to knit socks as I was tought to make them in school when I was maybe 10 yrs old - so why to follow some weird instructions??)

The socks turned out beautifully - although I have some doubts about the size. I would have wanted these to be really tiny - you know - to suit a newborn. But they look like they are likely to fit maybe a half year old... (of course that depends a lot of the baby in question. My girls have all been tiny -so that's my comparison point...)

Baby Cashmerino is a wonderful yarn to knit with. Glad I bought a lot in May:-) (cannot help myself...)
I also knitted a second Aviatrix baby hat (KYH # 24) - this time in Sirdar snuggly White whisper 100% bamboo yarn. the hat came out a tad smaller than my yellow Baby cashmerino version. Which is exactly what I was after. Now it looks like it will fit a newborn. I count these hats finished for KYH 2011, although they are missing buttons. I figured that the colours I have chosen are neutral enough for a girl or a boy - and I can sew on the appropriate buttons when the time comes.
Still loving this pattern! Got to be one of the smartest baby hat patterns out there.

Eipä aikaakaan niin... kesäkuu meni jo. Mihin aika oikein menee? valuu jonnekin avaruuteen? kolmanteen ulottuvuuteen?

Pari valmistunutta KYH projektia - eli vauvan sukat (KYH #3) Debbie blissin kirjasta Essential baby - joskin muutin mallia niin, että neuloin varret ohjeen mukaan, mutta jalkaterät tavallisten sukkien tapaan sukkapuikoilla. (ohjeessa koko sukka neulotaan tasona ja lankaa katkotaan siellä täällä ja muutenkin ohje tuntui todella hämärältä) Tuli aika söpöt vaikka itse sanonkin - tosin koko näyttää silmissäni melkoisen suurelta (pitää muistaa tosin, että vertailukohtana on omat tytöt, jotka ovat olleet todella pieniä ja siroja ... eli ehkä isommalle vauvalle nämä menis jo alle puoli vuotiaanakin)

Toinen valmistunut on KYHin 2. Aviatrix lakki - (KYH#24) Tällä kertaa Sirdarin Snuggly White whisper 100% bambulanka. Tein snadisti pienemmän kuin aikaisempi keltainen versio - ja nyt koko on mielestäni passelin näköinen vastasyntyneelle. Ihana malli edelleenkin. Nerokas.

KYH progress:
Finished 7/25

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