Friday, 6 August 2010


Finished Phoebe cardigan for Isabella. It is so pretty! I cannot remember when I would have been this happy with the FO I've knitted. Cannot stop smiling...
(It was a bit of a struggle though to get the young lady to pose for the photoshoot...)
Pattern: Phoebe by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Kids
Yarn: Yaeger Roma (sadly discontinued - this is the 4th knit I make with this wonderfully soft yarn with a nice spring)
Needles: 3,5mm & 4mm
I loved the pattern and the only real modification was that I made the cable pattern only on left side - on the original design it is on both sides - but I prefer the asymmetry. (tends to make things a bit more interesting)

(Once again I modified the sizing a bit - as I always do when knitting for Isabella, as she is quite slender - and knitted Phoebe with the width measurements from the smallest size but length from 7-8yrs size)

I had some trouble finding good buttons - but then I remembered the old buttons that I used for BSJ as well - and I had 6 buttons left!
I cannot even remember when I would have bought buttons for anything - I can find almost anything from my mothers button stash, which is huge, majority of which she has in turn herited from my grandma:-)
I think it really - really, suits her. The colour is good for her and the design is just gorgeous. I'm very happy. And so is she - apparently. (also - I think she can wear it on top of long sleeved jersey top when it gets colder again)

Now back to my knitting. I'm in the middle of (probably) the most interesting pattern ever. More about that later on...

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Sigrun said...

Nice, very nice. I agree with you about the asymmetry :-)