Friday, 18 December 2009

too busy

Life's been hectic recently . So much so that I have almost forgotten this blog. Being a working mum is very different from being a mum at home. Everything is scheduled to the minute. There is really no time for me anymore. At work dead lines are getting closer and closer and I have to admit that I really look forward to xmas break. Not that I wouldn't like my job - I still like it very much - it is just that too much is exactly that - Too Much.

It's been over 1,5 months since my last blog text - and lots has happen. In November we spent a long weekend in Barcelona with my DH. Just the two of us!! (first time in over 6years - that kids were not with us) and it was wonderful! It was also great to see my brother - who lives in Barcelona but never visits Finland.

While wondering the streets of Barcelona we accidentally run into this cool yarn shop on Placa de la llana - where I bought this funny looking skein of local spanish wool. It is a very long skein (leek next to it is to give some perspective....) in amazing vermilion red. Absolutely fabulous!

After the Barcelona trip I've basically been working my ass off... but I have managed to knit as well. Not too much but something. I'm very glad that I have completed all 3 xmas projects (to be given as xmas presents) already. So no stress this year about finishing knitted gifts in time:-)

I've also finished Surface jacket and v-neck pullover in RYC Cashmere tweed - but it has been so dark there's been no chance to take photos of them. Today the sun is suddenly shining and it is freezing cold (-22 Celsius as I write this...) . So pretty outside - like a picture postcard - but so cold that it freezes your cheeks in no time. Which is why I'm writing this blog now... I'll promise proper posts with enough photos of all knits I've finished later this year.


Sigrun said...

Nice to have you back :-) Hope you have a very mery christmas and relaxing xmas break.

me said...

it is wonderful to hear from you and see your lovely yarn & projects - Bravo on your vacation coming up soon! Relax & enjoy with your family, and sneek in some knitting while relaxing!!!