Wednesday, 23 December 2009


As promised - some photos of FO's. Let's begin with Surface. It took me a couple of months to knit this - and approx. 1 month of that went into that weird wrap - that can be wrapped around shoulders. I'm happy that I decided to knit everything (wrap included) before seaming pieces together - as if I had finished the jacket first I still would be knitting the wrap...
And then it would look like this:
No wrap. Nice - but nothing really special.
So I'm really glad I persevered and finished (what seemed like endles rows of blister stitch) and now I can wear my jacket with the wrap, because for me - it is the wrap that 'makes' this garment special. (+ it keeps me so warm...) Pattern: Surface by Norah Gaughan from Knitty Winter 2008
Yarn: Jaeger Extra fine merino Dk in Badger (#977)
Needles: 4mm(? as far as I can remember..)
And as I realised - the wrap can be worn as a scarf as well:-) Not bad!
The design is - once again- by unbelievably talented Norah Gaughan - whose patterns have a siren-like qualities when it comes to me - they sort of whisper "knit me"... and then I find myself knitting yet another one of Norah's designs. And I always end up really happy with the outcome.

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