Monday, 28 September 2009

After a Great weekend... - Hienon viikonlopun jälkeen..

Had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we went to a nearby forest to pick some wild mushroom (Cantharellus tubaeformis) and I later made a really nice pie with them... plus some smoked bacon & leek - yummy!

Later on Saturday afternoon we went to a crayfish party to our neighbourghs'. Had a blast. Crayfish is actually from the river that runs next to our garden. Local food at its best... Really delicious. And so fun with a couple of schnaps and some nice neighbourghly company.

On Sunday I did some swatching for future projects... with Rowanspun 4ply (got the gauge spot on so will immediately begin knitting this!)
just Love this stuff. Rowan classic range Cashemere tweed. So Wonderful:-)

I even managed to take photos of these colourful sweaters on girls. (that was not a walk in the park... but now it is done. Results later this week..)

Olipas mukava viikonloppu - ensin sienimetsälle, josta löysimme piirakkatarpeiksi suppilovahveroita, sitten rapujuhliin naapureille. (Ihan tuosta "omasta" joesta ! todella herkullisia!) Jokirapujen, snapsin ja hyvän seuran yhdistelmä oli aika lyömätön.
Sunnuntaina seurasi vähän mallitilkkujen neulontaa ihanasta cashmere-langasta ja Rowanspunista (joka on varmasti yksi kaikkien aikojen ihanimmista langoista - miksi senkin tuotanto piti lopettaa???)


Melanie said...

Very nice looking swatches, but the food looks even yummier! I picked up a Finnish cookbook at a sale several years ago, and just a week back we tried cooking with it. The result was disappointing; it was very greasy and heavy and meaty, and not at all as fresh and light as I had imagined Finnish food. I was convinced that the cookbook (written by an Englishwoman) had gotten it all wrong, and looking at your photos something tells me I was right! Leek, Pfifferlinge (the mushroom's German name), crawfish--that sounds amazing! And Schnaps! Hyvää ruokahalua! (If I made a mistake, blame the internet translation site.)

Can't wait to see pictures of the girls in their new sweaters.

Sigrun said...

Yummy! (all of it)

A-L said...

Melanie: Kiitos! I have to say that I am not a big fan of traditional finnish food. It tends to be a bit heavy... and lacks seasoning. (normally if I cook from a recipe that's from a finninsh magazine, I multiple the amounts of spices (not salt!) by at least 4, and in case of black pepper, I can use up to 10 times more than asked for... people seem to be very sensitive to spices here. While my family eats happily everything with chili & pepper.

Sigrun: Thanks:-)