Wednesday, 4 March 2009

3rd SP13 Package arrived!

3rd package from my secret pal arrived yesterday and once again - it was a hit. Lovely yarn. Really nice booklets with a local touch (Hello Wisconsin!!- just had to say that - remember TV series "the 70's show"??? ) and M&M's for my daughters. Fantastic! I also got a card which revealed my secret pals identity - Thank you Kate! This was my 1st secret pal round and truly enjoyable.

Kolmas paketti SP13 vaihtoon liittyen saapui vihdoin eilen (oli postin sivujen mukaan tullut lajittelukeskukseen jo 27.2 - miten voi kestää 5 päivää sieltä omaan postiin???). Ihanuuksia taas koko paketti täynnä. Lankaa, neuleohjevihkosia ja namia. Kiitokset kuuluvat Stash house-blogin Katelle Winsconsinista.

So what was in it:Wisconsin Winter Socks - and other goodies - booklet (which begins with: "Some knitters live in boring climates and endure the same warm temperature year round. Not everyone wakes up to an invigorating blast of cold wind against weathered cheeks... " )
The Wonderful Wallaby - a hooded sweater for all ages - booklet
Knitcircus Issue #5
and lovely yarn:
wonderfully soft and lofty (and extremely warm . I would imagine) Houseblend (icelandic wool, alpaca and llama!) from Argyle fibre mill/fifty-mile fiber in a lovely rustic brown (2 big skeins - I'm already pondering what to make with it...:-) and a Gorgeous kettle dyed sockyarn from Rio de la Plata. ( I think 400yds should be enough for a small lacy scarf)
A great package . Thank you!!


stash haus said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the packages. I had a lot of fun with this swap.

Now I can finally comment on your blog without giving away my identity as your secret pal.

The items you've finished for the stashbusting are lovely. I need to look up the pattern for that beret.

I too, liked the yardage on the Rio yarn and figured it would give you the option to knit something other than socks if you wanted.

Soth said...

WOW...what a great package! I am truly happy, that you had a partner, who was as great, as you have been to me. Have a nice weekend