Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I'm participating in Finnish Lankahamsterit (Yarnhamsters) again - this year the month is March and the rules basically are that:1) you cannot buy any yarn during this month - and 2) you try to knit as much as possible from your own stash. (for me that should be easy - as my yarn stash is definitely over 50kg ...)

Somehow right after the olympics and the quite challenging knitting I felt almost uninterested towards hamsters this year. I had difficulties to choose what to knit. (that hardly ever happens to me) and decided to listen to my DH and finally knit that teacosy (actually for coffee pot) that he's prompted me to knit for several years ...
It came out rather nice.
Pattern: none (made it to fit our coffeepot)
Yarn: New Lanark Aran in natural black and some Novita Aino in red for the pompom
Needles: 5mm
Total yarn consumption 87g.
I also added some padding for extra insulation and a stripy cotton lining.

A good ice-breaker - as immediately after finishing this one I cast-on a Panbe-dress, which looks really promising...

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coolcheeks said...

What beautiful things you make. I love your taste in colors.