Saturday, 23 May 2009

Rosy blouse - Ruusupaita

Pattern for my new rosy blouse with 2-piece sleeves is from this wonderful Japanese book. Light, airy and very easy (and fast) to sew. I'm happy.

Kaava ja ohjeet uuteen ruusupuserooni löytyy Yoshiko Tsukiorin ihastuttavasta kirjasta.
Delightful runching on the sleeves.
Paidan paras kohta: kaksiosaiset rypytetyt hihat.


me said...

your knitting is lovely! and now I see your sewing is lovely too! Bravo!

Sigrun said...

magic fingers - I think that must be your other name :-) Very nice sewing.

stash haus said...

This pattern looks wonderfully cool for summer.