Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Amazing package!- Uskomaton paketti!

I got a package from my secret pal yesterday.
It is amazing.
So amazing and huge that I dreamed about it last night. I cannot believe all that was for me! So much yarn! Gorgeous colours! Alpaca. Merino. Silk. (do I still need to go on?) Ahhh....
Take a Look:
Yarn to die for: Ewetopia Fibershop 100% superwash merino Hand dyed (I know - fabulous stuff!!) sock yarn in gorgeous colour (it's a bit more terrracotta-ish in nature- Love it!)
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (50%Peruvian Wool, 20% Alpaca, 30% Nylon) in heathered dark plum . (I'm going to knit posh socks with it...) And Mountain Colours Winter Lace in Copper(50%wool, 50%silk) Just gorgeous. Wish you could feel it. So my colour.

Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn (75%wool/25%nylon) in Ragtime (I have just the shoes to match:-) and 2pcs DP Wip Tubes although only one set in the photo because I just had to try the other one immediately. Works beautifully. Really handy!! (I cast on with Wildfoote right after taking this photo , It's going to become RPM )

Personal touch : couple of recipes that I (or my DH) have to try.. (Brownie pudding sounds delicious!) Jelly beans for my daughters. Although they are only going to get them when they behave well... (hopefully very soon!) The Sow's Ear-project bag in use. Holding my wip Tomten from Opinionated Knitter. (Previous gift from my secret pal)

I'm so happy:-) Thank you Secret Pal!

Hain eilen postista paketin Jenkeistä. Secret Pal oli todella pistänyt parastaan. Aivan uskomaton paketti - ihania lankoja, wip-kassi, pari herkullisen tuntuista reseptiä, vähän namia tytöille, wip-sukkapuikkokotelot... Olen melkein mykistynyt. (paitsi että olen jo luonut silmukat Wildefootista ja kassi & toinen wip-sukkapuikkokoteloistakin on jo otettu käyttöön.)Uskomatonta.

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