Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lace scarf

I bought the wonderful sparkly yarn while on a day-trip to Tallinn Estonia. And it was quite evident that it had to become a scarf or shawl....I have this wonderful book Victorian knitting today - by Jane Sowerby - which I absolutely recommend to anyone with interest in knitting lace or/and history of knitting. Lovely book.

Used one of the scarf patterns with wide border - and the scarf was ready in no time at all.
Pattern: Scarf with the Clarence Border from Weldons, 1886 (ravelry)
Yarn: less than 150g Glamour from HP Gruppen (97% Cotton, 3% metallic) , in shade #221 (powder with a gold lurex )
Needles: 4mm
Apart from lacy borders that are knit from side to side - the main part of the scarf is super-easy garter stitch with elongated stitches every 4th row. Perfect knitting while watching telly.I plan to be wearing this when my mother-in-law gets married for the 3rd time in August...


Wollgut said...

Hello A-L! I'm so glad you're blogging again; I was worried work had taken over your knitting time. I'm happy I was wrong! Please say more about Tallinn--when did you go, how far away is it from where you live, and, most importantly, how's the knitting scene there? Your shawl is beautiful--it will be perfect for a wedding! (Your mom-in-law's third: that sounds like another interesting blog post.)

All the best for more summery sailing days to come!

Sigrun said...

Lovely scarf and nice colour. Very nice for a wedding :-)