Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympics are here!

So let me introduce my Ravelympics 2008 project - Lady's Circular Cape by Jane Sowerby (from Victorian Lace Today)
I'm using Parisienne by Colinette in "Castagna".

Here all prep-work done (fortunately I did swatch this time!! had to downsize needles a notch - to 4mm)

and now I'm ready to begin. I just hope I can manage to finish this in time.... It should not be too bad. Demanding yes, but not impossible. Now I can only hope that children stay well and won't get sick and that everything else goes smoothly as well. otherwise - bye-bye deadline.
Here we go!

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Kukka-75 said...

Kauniin langan olet valinnut olympianeuleeseen!